My Mission

In every walk of life, I’ve been fortunate to always have a female figure who not only inspired me, but also guided and supported me on my journey. It’s now my turn to lift up the women and young girls coming behind me and pass on my experiences and lessons to them as they emerge into world leaders.

If I can inspire just one person in my lifetime to realize their authentic self and reach their highest potential, I would consider my purpose fulfilled.

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I’m not trying to give you answers. I want you to deepen your questions in such a way that truth becomes the only authority in your life.
— Sadhguru

What I Offer

You're in the right place if you're an ambitious woman who is second-guessing your direction in life and struggling to find the confidence to reach the next level of success. I'll help you unblock your creative energies, re-align your work and life balance, and help you rediscover and deepen your connection to the people and the things that you love.

I believe that life and success are only limited by your own imagination and hard work, and if you invest in yourself and your dreams, you can achieve anything. Change your mind, change your life!


Personal coaching

Specializing in empowering women through major life changes, career transitions, and personal struggles.

 I’ll help you gain clarity, set powerful intentions, and reach your personal happiness with minimal stress!



Landing your dream job is hard work, whether it is for fresh graduates, seasoned executives, individuals in the midst of a career transition or moms re-entering the workforce.

Let me equip you with the tools, confidence, and strategy to gain the ultimate job satisfaction.

Team coaching

Take advantage of all the life-changing benefits of leadership and career coaching in an affordable group setting. 

Gather your fellow colleagues, university alumni, or friends and tackle some of life’s daily stresses in a safe and supportive environment. These team coaching sessions are fun, intimate and rewarding. 



Covering a variety of subjects, we use fun, interactive exercises, profound self-inquiry, and in-depth discussions to overcome limiting beliefs in a powerful group environment.

Find an upcoming workshop that aligns with your personal or professional goals.


I’m blessed to have been coached by her and forever impacted from our journey together