Hi, I'm Vahbiz

Living Your Best Coaching is more than just a business to me, it is a part of my own journey in realizing my authentic self. I understand that life coaching may not be for everyone, but I hope that through my blog and experiences, you will  gain some new insights and greater self-awareness.

"A scientist's mind with a coach's heart!"

I have created my website with the academic woman and medical professionals in mind, and have packed it with meaningful and soulful content that is designed to motivate and inspire you to achieve your true potential. 



Associate Certified Coach (ACC), ICF
Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC), Raleigh Coaching Academy


Ph.D, Biochemistry
Master of Science, Biochemistry
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry and Microbiology


A leader of light

"Vahbiz - You are a healer. You are a teacher.
But above all, you are a leader of light."

— Soul Reading, from the Arcturian High Council, by Channel Marie Mohler


How I can help you

I’m passionate about students, millennials, and the young at heart generation of world-changers. These are the souls who have so much intelligence, wisdom and potential. However, they very often succumb to the pressure of overwhelming choices, unnecessarily high expectations, and the crushing responsibilities in our fast-paced society.

My goal is to connect with  leaders and influencers, like yourself, and help you focus on your individual strengths to achieve the thing that truly resonates with you  and brings you happiness and a sense of fulfilment

My clients include teens, college students, corporate executives, medical professionals, and passionate entrepreneurs.

My background

I grew up in the land of light and color; India! I started teaching as an undergrad and soon realized my passion for education and coaching, which led me to a career in research and academia for over 20 years. Throughout my professional journey, my strong desire to connect and to share with people, reinforced my intention of becoming a life coach.

After completing my doctorate in 2003, I moved to the land of opportunity; the U.S.A.! From the day I landed in this country, I have felt a strong sense of acceptance, belonging,  and encouragement. The warm, optimistic and encouraging attitude of people here has helped me grow and flourish on my personal journey. I had the opportunity to own businesses and serve on teams where I've learned the ropes of entrepreneurship, management and leadership.

I currently  live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband, 2 sons and the most adorable golden retriever!  I am delighted to be fulfilling my life's calling by inspiring other women and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Ambassador to the International Coach Federation (ICF), Raleigh Chapter

Volunteer for the POOKAR Foundation and Center for Human Excellence

Vice President of Fundraising and Business Partnership for the Helen Stough Elementary Magnet School

Habitat for Humanity


Fun Facts:

I live by the motto "Carpe Diem".

My favorite coaches are Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Prince EA, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Terri Seville Foy, and Anthony Robbins.

I am known for my "fairy hair" - yes, I always have pretty glitter strands :)

My dream is to start a high-end fusion food truck.

I have a black belt in martial arts!

And I absolutely adore this song: