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A leader of light

"Vahbiz – you are a healer. You are a teacher. But above all, you are a leader of light."

~ Soul Reading, from the Arcturian High Council, by Channel Marie Mohler

Vahbiz Shroff, PhD, PCC

"I challenge the status quo of how we view ourselves in this world. When our professional life is aligned with who we are, we live and work in a harmonious state of mind that creates a lasting impact."

~ Vahbiz Shroff

Vahbiz Shroff, PhD, PCC

Vahbiz Shroff, PhD, PCC, is an executive coach, trainer, coach mentor, business owner, and an organizational leader. She has developed a diverse professional presence through fulfilling careers in science, business and leadership coaching. After pursuing a career in academia, particularly oncology research and diagnostics for over 20 years, Vahbiz explored coaching for her personal and professional development. This experience revealed Vahbiz’s calling to coaching – and to dedicate her work to help students and professionals achieve fulfilling careers.

Vahbiz’s coaching philosophy is strongly grounded on the principles of conscious and authentic leadership. She believes that when we stay connected to and honor our authenticity, we show up in the world as conscious leaders and can affect change through inspiration. During her coaching interactions, Vahbiz creates a safe and confidential space for her clients to explore their desired identity, create a perspective shift and move forward in their life with confidence, while staying true to their values.

Vahbiz Shroff, PhD, PCC - A leader of light

She has served as an executive coach for the Entrepreneurship Center at the Keenan Flagler School of Business – University of North Carolina-CH, the Caldwell Fellowship Program and FFAR Program at North Caroline State University, The Haslam College of Business, UT and Acadia Healthcare, in addition to several pharmaceutical companies and business organizations.

Vahbiz is an ICF credentialed coach with a certification in Authentic Leadership Coaching (CALC) and Executive Coaching (XCC). She is also trained and certified in Career Coaching, Team Coaching, Fascination Advantage, DISC assessment and EQi 2.0 / 360 assessment. A continual learner, Vahbiz loves sharing new resources with her clients. She is an ICF Mentor Coach for coaches-in-training and the Director of Mentor Coaching at the ALA (Authentic Leadership Advisors) Academy. She served as President of the ICF, Raleigh Area Chapter, in 2022 and as a board member since 2018. She is founder, owner, and lead coach at Living Your Best Coaching, LLC.

Vahbiz lives in Raleigh, NC with her family and her adorable golden retriever. She is a dedicated practitioner of yoga and martial arts.

Fun facts about Vahbiz:

I live by the motto, “carpe diem.”
I am known for my “fairy hair;” yes, I always have pretty glitter strands. 🙂
My dream is to start a high-end fusion food truck.

I have a black belt in martial arts!
And I absolutely adore this song: Lee Ann Womack, “I hope you dance.”
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I live by the motto, “carpe diem.”