Live Your Career Passion!

Career Coaching is designed to increase your level of professional and personal fulfilment, satisfaction and overall enjoyment in your job. Life is too short and precious not to enjoy every aspect of your career.

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HEALTHCARE Professionals

Whether you're a seasoned medical practitioner or a healthcare administrator, balancing the demands of patients and strict regulations with personal  expectations and family life can be overwhelming. I am here to help you build resilience and empower you to overcome the unique stresses and emotional challenges associated with the healthcare industry.

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One-on-one career coaching sessions will help you to understand your true career passions, highlight your potential as a professional, and provide you with a blueprint on how best to achieve the job of your dreams. I'll spend some quality time getting to know, build your poise and confidence, and give you all the tools to land quality interviews for a fulfilling and enjoyable career.



Changing jobs or returning to work after some time off as a mom can be one the most difficult and emotionally challenging career moves.  By identifying what you would really like and need from your career, together we can chart a roadmap and take the necessary actions to accomplish your career objectives while holistically balancing family with other important parts of your life.

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Executive Coaching

Shift your job from functional to optimal. Executive coaching is ideal for motivated individuals at any point in their careers who would like to improve their overall performance, enhance their leadership presence, move up the career ladder faster, or would like to work towards leaving a legacy after retirement.  Leveraging your professional expertise and talents, I will empower you as a leader and gain deeper job satisfaction.