Career Services

Resume Reviews

Dedicated to helping you get everything you can out of your career, I will personally review and coach you on how to market your greatest asset - YOU! This is a great starting point if you have not had much luck with landing interviews, you want to make a big career move, or you're just paralyzed by writing about strengths and achievements!

I work with individuals all over the world at every career level, however, my niche and passion is the healthcare and education industries where I have diverse personal experience.

Starting at $75
* Inquire about payment options or special discounts.

Interview Prep

In a competitive job market, you need an advantage. You worked hard to get this interview and this is your chance to show that you are the best candidate. But when it comes to landing a job, it's all about your interviewing skills: verbal communication, body language, confidence, engagement, and fit.

I am qualified to help you overcome your interview fears, refine your pitch, and tackle even the most challenging interview questions so that you're equipped and confident to land the job of your dreams.

$95 / hour
* Inquire about payment options or special discounts.

Editing and Proofreading

I provide writing, editing, and proofreading services in order to promote the best possible literature from you or your business. Adept in medical and academic terminology, I can help you to meet the rigorous demands of technical writing and reduce the risk of rejection or low grades, or simply help you improve your current writing skills.

This is perfect for graduates completing a thesis, entrepreneurs applying for loans or grants, or small businesses who need another eye on their business plan or web copy.

$50 / hour


Brand Coaching

I believe that if you’re truly great at what you do, your business or brand shouldn’t suffer just because you don't have time or aren't great at marketing. Other times, brand building just requires a different perspective, a quick reminder of the basics, or a dose of encouragement to keep moving forward. Regardless of your motivation, I'm here to help experts like you tap into your authentic story and build your brand. 

Using my expertise as an authentic leadership coach and fellow entrepreneur, I work with small business owners snd guide them on how best to  brand their personal genius and successfully market their passion.

$150 / hour or book a package

** All coaching services are available in person or virtually via video chat **

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