It's time to Seize the Day!

Coaching is a financial as well as a time investment, so it's important that you make the correct decision based on your goals and needs.  This includes choosing the right coach and the right coaching package, much like you are hiring a personal trainer for your health and fitness.

I suggest starting with a free 30-minute consultation to give us an opportunity to explore your interest in coaching and how we might work together. It's important for me to have a connection with each of my clients and it also allows us to co-create a powerful vision of what is possible on your  journey of self discovery.



4 x 1 hour sessions
Use within 2 months

No matter where you are now or what you have gone through, there is a unique plan for you to live your best life. This is the perfect package for those who need help gaining clarity or managing and reducing stress, whether you are a stay at home mom, working professional, or budding entrepreneur.

For this option, I recommend focussing on one specific issue or area that's close to your heart.



10 x 1 hour sessions
Use within 6 months


A powerful package of coaching sessions designed to meet the goals most important to you.

I want to dig deep with you and discover what the most important personal or professional goal is to make you happy. Thereafter, we will then remove any limiting beliefs that are blocking your progress and strategize a new personalized game plan custom to set you on your path to living your best. You'll be amazed at how much we will accomplish even after the very first session! 

This is my most popular package, and is designed to explore whatever challenges and goals to that come up at a deeper level.



20 x 1 hour sessions
Use within 12 months

I love working with clients on this package as it shows real commitment and allows us to really forge new intentions related to your career, relationships, and physical health and well-being.

Designed to provide immediate and continuing support, this package helps you uncover, embrace, and overcome the current chaos in your personal and/or professional life. Together we will work to implement new beliefs and behaviors so that you will have the motivation and the confidence to change your life from the inside out.

A huge saving for those who want a long-term coaching relationship and to continue their personal or professional growth journey with ongoing support.