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Makes a Dream Work

When companies form teams, there is often a high-stakes project or objective in process. After all, combining talent and resources within or across departments yields big payoffs. These might include better problem-solving, multiple viewpoints that better represent your client base, innovation that individuals alone might not achieve, and greater efficiencies in division of work, completing tasks, achieving goals, increasing profits – and ultimately, changing lives.

Combining talent and resources within or across departments yields big payoffs
Often, leadership teams are “teams” in name only

Often, leadership teams are “teams” in name only; that is, they’re individuals with diverging agendas, little interchangeability of roles, and little dependency on each other. Establishing where they need to be a team and when provides clarity and the basis for working effectively together – and achieving greatness for their respective teams, their customers or clients, and the organization as a whole.

When Teams Face Challenges

What happens when teams don’t work well together, can’t seem to communicate effectively, miss deadlines, or don’t hit planned objectives? What are the costs when team organization and accountability is lacking, there is a power imbalance, or there is turnover? How do you overcome the frustrations, dissatisfaction, and lost ROI that can result from seemingly incompatible communication or working styles?

Whether your team is working on a high-stakes, short-term project, or you’re together for the long haul, LivingYourBest™ Team Coaching can put your team back on the path to success. Our team coaching programs can reveal why you’re struggling, help you appreciate and lean into your differences, and learn to work together more effectively and enjoyably than you thought possible – where everyone feels validated and contributes their best.

LivingYourBest™ Team Coaching Programs

We offer customized programs, specializing in teams in healthcare and bio-medical aligned industries.

Program Formats
Live, in-person or via videoconference, workshops, on-site events, and other formats are available.

Ideal Team Size
5 – 20 members

Core Beliefs
Our programs are most effective for team leaders who share our core beliefs:

  • Servant leaders
  • Truly service-oriented and not just profit-driven
  • Forward-thinking, open mindset, growth mindset
  • People over products, service over profits or power
  • Heart-centered leadership
  • Ready for inspired change

If those qualities drive you, we can also help you reach your profit and ROI goals! Together, we will overcome obstacles that stand in your way, help you achieve your greatest potential with more joy, better satisfaction, improved relationships, and with less effort.

And in case you missed these important metrics on our home page, we’d like to highlight the International Coaching Federation (ICF)’s findings on what kind of difference coaching can make for your team and your organization:


Increase in Individual Performance

  • Goal attainment
  • Clearer communication
  • Higher satisfaction

Increase in Team Performance

  • Better conversations
  • Improved collaboration
  • Enhanced work performance

Increase in Organizational Performance

  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in employee retention
  • Customers as advocates

When do most teams need coaching?

There are situations that arise frequently in business, where nearly every team can benefit from coaching. Some of these include:

  • Company restructuring
  • Mergers of companies or departments
  • Change in management
  • Conflict in working styles
  • Expectation-setting
  • When communication is hindered by imbalance of power or hierarchical dynamics, resulting in conflicting viewpoints
  • Cross-functional projects, e.g., finance vs. HR vs. operations, where communication styles, lenses, and priorities differ

Our promise to you:

Your highly qualified, skilled, and compassionate LivingYourBest™ coach will:

  • Understand your team dynamic and build good rapport with every member of your team, along your team’s stakeholders.
  • Partner with your team and team lead – working alongside you in workshops, live in real-time meetings, in engagement events with employees, customers, other teams, etc.
  • Mediate conflict without bias; help your team see conflict systematically rather than personally.
  • Recognize team dynamics and patterns, constructively helping the team recognize and notice patterns themselves.
  • Enable the team to discover the gap between where they are and where their stakeholders need them to be in the future.
  • Co-design an effective team development journey, to effectively bridge that gap and get you where you need to be.
  • Effectively utilize 360 feedback tools and assessments.
  • Enable the team to coach itself and continue to learn between sessions and after coaching is complete.
  • Mediate, empower, inspire, and ignite your team!

Love your work. Love your life.

How do you want your team to be more effective? Let’s get you started LivingYourBest™ today.