Many happy clients have walked through my doors and I have simultaneously been blessed to work with some wonderfully supportive colleagues and fellow coaches.


"Vahbiz has a calming energy that makes you want to be around her. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t fired up about the work she wants to do in this world! It’s quite the opposite, as she has an intense drive to do good, and has been able to accomplish so many milestones already. I’m blessed to have been coached by her and forever impacted from our journey together through the RCA program."

- Angela Meyer

"I've known Vahbiz for a couple of years now and I have watched her evolve into an amazing coach. Her personality brings genuine care, comfort and compassion to every coaching sessions. Her experience as a scientist provides a depth of understanding and patience that makes her unique. She has an ability to quickly get to the heart of the coaching topic. I look forward to our work together at RCA."

- Marcelletta Miles

"I have been coaching with Vahbiz for over 18 months now and she has changed my personal and business life! From every session I walk away feeling inspired, transformed, motivated and understood. Vahbiz is an extraordinary life coach with a special talent for creative people and their work. Additionally she is able to coach people from different cultures and backgrounds as well, which makes her an excellent life coach for people from other cultural backgrounds living in the U.S. At least this was the case for me and I hope I will keep Vahbiz as a coach for the years to come."

- Julia Meder

"Vahbiz is an amazing coach with a very intuitive way of getting to the very heart of the matter. She is compassionate, caring and brilliant, and what better combination could you have  for a coach?! I highly recommend Vahbiz as your coach."

- Lucetta Zaytoun

"Vahbiz is a natural leader and coach. She is the embodiment of grace, wrapped in compassion and adorned with love. She has such a gentle way about her that you feel instantly at ease in her presence. I felt like I had known her a lifetime the first time we met. That made it easy for me to share and receive from her coaching experience. Her spiritual intuitiveness and discernment give a feeling of comfort and trust. I truly appreciate our developing relationship and look forward to what the future holds!"

- Teresa Smith

"If there was a popular TV show starring Vahbiz Shroff I would call it "The Walking Love". Vahbiz is constantly looking for ways to make everyone around her feel appreciated and treasured. It's no surprise that she has been driven to pursue professional authentic leadership coaching as a compliment to her already highly successful career. Throughout her participation in Raleigh Coaching Academy, her subsequent mentoring, and beyond, Vahbiz has continued to flourish as an extremely heart-based talented coach. I have personally benefitted from her intuitive skills on many occasions. If you are in the midst of a transition, or simply wish to have someone help you explore your future, look no further than Vahbiz Shroff."

- Kathleen O'Grady

"Vahbiz has been one of the hardest working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She continuously works on her personal growth and has developed excellent leadership skills. She is always willing to go above and beyond the expectations placed on her and has always had a hunger to learn & grow. Her presentation skills are astounding and her ability to communicate with people, whether in a crowd or individually, is remarkable. One of the things I have admired about her is her expertise in leadership & business and how she applies it to her life. I also love that I am willing to learn from her because of the example that she sets & how she strives for excellence in all that she does."

- Kate Rosenberg

"Vahbiz and I work together on the faculty of Raleigh Coaching Academy. It has been a pleasure getting to know (and love) Vahbiz over the years... and to co-teach with her! Vahbiz brings good instincts and powerful insights to her coaching. I appreciate her warmth, intuition, and partnership!"

- Julia Curtis

"Vahbiz is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive and sensitive to her client's objectives. She listens deeply and observes, then delicately approaches what lies beneath the surface that is keeping you stuck. She helped me create the clarity I needed to take risks and unlock my potential."

- Laura Reichert

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